Project completed for UCLA Extension UX course. Designed to consolidate online orders.

Mission: To create a better online shopping experience.

ChallengeeCommerce, mCommerce, and online shopping in general are growing, but the processes of the current system are not providing the optimal customer service.

Strategy: Create a way to simplify receiving packages

Key Insights: Buying is easy. Receiving—not always. People have the most issues post-purchase.

‣ Easy to use that will keep post-order process more organized and efficient.
‣ Ability to keep track of and delivery dates.
‣ Allow SMB’s to provide the same quality services.
‣ Information to translate from desktop to mobile smoothly and efficiently.



Research showed the rising prevalence of all types of online shopping and transactions. Emphasis on customer retention.

Significant quotes from user interviews during research.


Outline of potential site map. Importance of organizing information in clear and concise manner.


Writing a intuitive and logical user flow for app.


Highlights of potential business model. How CATCH app would fare better than competitors.